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Naftalan Azerbaijan
Nafthalan - unique health resort of international importance, the only healing naphthalan oil field.

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Location and climate

Naftalan city located in the foothills of the Lesser Caucasus. In the 70-80 km from the north- east stretches the horizon overlying the Main Caucasian Ridge . In the 30-35 km to the west of the city is surrounded by the Lesser Caucasus mountains . The city Naftalan many green parks, consisting mainly of pine trees , works on landscaping . As a result, shut out the main Caucasian mountain range in the north and Lesser Caucasus Mountains in the south and south- west of the Arctic (north ) and the other cold air mass is dominated by a temperate climate.

Below is the average temperature in Naftalan by season:
In winter - 3.9 º C
Spring - 13.3 º C
In the summer - 26.2 º C
Autumn - 16.5 º C

In the same time, the sultry air temperature in winter is 17 - 18 º C and in summer - 38 - 39 º C. It is surprising that in the coldest years in March and November the temperature is not greater than 0 º C.
Daily changes in air temperature ( at 7:00 , 13:00, 21:00 ) in the winter is 4 - 6 º C, and in the rest of the year - 6 - 7 º C.
The average monthly humidity is
Winter - 17%
Spring - 62 %
In the summer - 51%
The fall - 67 %.

Low relative humidity , along with high temperatures prevailing in the summer months, preventing overheating of the skin and has a positive effect on the skin , providing the intensity of the process of evaporation of moisture from the skin. Wind direction in naphthalene , mainly monsoon character. Increasing the average wind speed increases the cooling in the warmer months , so that the climate becomes more comfortable environment than other resort towns.
The number of clear days per year high. In winter, their number is 40 - 50 , in the spring - 40 - 60 - summer 60-120 , and in the fall - 40 - 80 days.

Thus, we can highlight the following:
1. The climate of the city is characterized by high Naftalan thermals , low moisture content , dry weather , high aeration and insolation .
2 . The climate of Naftalan has a major impact in the treatment of several diseases , such as:
a) diseases of bones and joints and musculoskeletal system
b) skin diseases ;
c) of peripheral veins ;
d) diseases of the nervous system ;
d ) post-operative rehabilitation ;
e) diseases of the ear , nose and throat ;
g) gynecological diseases ;
h) urological diseases ;
i) dental disease
a ) proctologic disease.

3 . Despite vysokotermichnye conditions in April -September , overheating of the human body is not observed. As a result, the optimum combination of temperature , humidity and airflow evaporates from the skin surface and sufficient moderate cooling of the body.

4 . The climatic conditions of the resort facilitate the provision of medical care at any time of the year and provide a high therapeutic result.