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Naftalan Azerbaijan
Nafthalan - unique health resort of international importance, the only healing naphthalan oil field.

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Naftalan therapy duration - up to 20 days. During this time, patients may take 10-15 sessions baths with mandatory breaks , under the supervision of specialist doctors.

Naphthalan bath lasts 8 - 10 minutes. The patient is placed in a bath filled naphthalan oil preheated to a temperature of 37 - 38 ° C. Oil penetrates through the pores in the blood and further with sweaty goes back secretions . This, together with sweaty secretions out all harmful to the body. After this, the patient should wash oil in the shower and go to bed , because the process of oil output with harmful substances will continue in addition to baths.

Naphthalan lubrication assigned to a specific area of ​​the body , depending on the disease. Part of the body is smeared with naphthalane pre -heated and heated in a lamp solljuks with a distance of 75 - 100 cm, length 10 - 20 minutes. The course of treatment 15 - 20 procedures.

In addition to the baths and lubricating treatment naftalan includes :

- Vaginal swabs - cotton swabs soaked with abundant deresined naftalan 50 - 55 ° C, kotoryya inserted into the vagina for 45 - 60 mines. A course of treatment 15 - 20 tampons
- Rectal micro enema (at 12 - 20 ml)
- Ultraphonophoresis deresined naftalan ( naphthalene is used as a contact material) .

To improve the efficiency of treatment naftalan held in the complex with additional procedures , which are selected and appointed by the individual after a detailed examination. To conduct surveys in the resort 's modern functional diagnostics , clinical and biochemical laboratory diagnostichekaya .

The procedures used in spas Naftalan :
- Naftalan baths
- Iodine -bromine baths
- Naftalan applications
- Naftalan tampons
- Paraffin
- Hand massage
- Vibromassage
- Exercising
- Underwater traction
- Physiotherapy

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